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GW Icons

A Community For Gundam Wing Icons
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So out of great surprise to us there were none to little Gundam Wing icon communities, so we made one! :-D

Here are the rules:

1- Please keep your icons/bases/friend's only banners to Gundam Wing. We don't need icons made from other animes, shows, or whatever. We know that people cross-post to several communities, but it's called copy and paste people, learn to use it and love it. Feel free to link to more of your icons that aren't GW, we all love pretty icons, just don't post tons of them here, it takes too long to load for people with slow servers.

2- If your posting a bazillion icons please place a majority under a cut. Once again it takes a long time to load. Keep your teasers to three or four and then put the rest under a cut. Please lj-cut, it's good for the icon, it's good for the community. Wait? You don't know what lj-cut is? Go Here!

3- Be Respectful. No one needs to be attacked, okay? We're all people here, treat us as such.

4- Credit/comment as the maker wishes. It's their work people give them the credit if they ask for it. Some icons take a lot longer than you would think. If you don't credit we'll send our hoard of flying monkeys after you!

5- Lurking is okay. Just because you can't make graphics and just want to check out other people's work doesn't mean that you can't join. We luv our members.

6- Yaoi is okay, just cut and stick a warning on it. Some people are easily offended and we would rather not start any controversy. Some of us love yaoi, some of us don't, so just be wary.

Your moderators are: theangstmonkey and spiffy_monkey if you have any problems please contact us.